Today, creative practice has long been recognised as a mechanism for meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing. 

Our lives are complex and with a matrix of different feelings and sensitivities; so therefore it would not be unanticipated if you feel at some point throughout your day a sense of being overwhelmed, consumed by the everday.

So many of us have heard and acknowledged the benefits of meditation, but often find it hard to find the time to do so. Supported by academic research it has to be noted that the benefits are numerous and coupled with the creative practices of photography, art and design, meditation becomes so much more.

Therefore, when we take the time to meditate, to put ourselves into the present we are looking after ourselves; that is our physical, mental and emotional health.

Creative meditation further develops a sense of calm underpinned by increased appreciation, lucidity, sensitivity and our own understanding of self, others and the world around us.

When we relax the body and the mind through meditation it can have the most benefits by changing our mindset and perspective, to have positive thoughts and emotions, thus reducing negativity.

Therefore when we realign ourselves to be in the present we move away from the chatter of despondency to optimism, brightness, confidence and calmness.